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It is spring here in Texas, and, like the world around her, Little One is growing and bursting with life.  She is 10 months today!  Which means she is nearly a year old, which is rather incredible.  She is a delight and a joy, and I love seeing more and more of her personality every day.


Updates: Susanna is gaining inches (29 1/2 at present), hair (finally!), and skills.  She has a growing preference for “walking” over crawling as long as there is a chair, wall, or person nearby for support.  She’s learned to turn pages and continues to love looking at books, though we are still working on turning the pages at a rate in which the story can actually be read ;-)  Her current favorites seem to be “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” which inspires much growling and bearish chewing, and “10 Little Ladybugs” which inspires great concern for the little insects as the book counts down (where did they go!) but rejoicing when all are reunited on the final page (though, sometimes the distress is too great, and Little One turns back to the cover where she knows they all are ;-) ) After lots of music and practice, we finally figured out clapping (if you notice a blurred pair of hands in the pictures below, that is Susanna showing off her new talent :-) )  Her vocabulary is growing, now including “Daddy” and “baby”, much to our delight.


Events: The most exciting occurrence of the last month was a wonderful visit from my dear friend Charlotte.  Aunt Charlotte and Susanna had great fun playing and reading together.  With Matthew out of town, there were lots of girly activities: we might have gotten Little One hooked on shopping and BBC productions ;-)  With spring here, we’ve been enjoying lots of walks; Susanna is particularly fond of the robins and sparrows and dogs we see along the way.  And she loves skyping with our far-away family.  She now knows that is what my laptop is for and gets quite excited whenever she sees it out.  She is also quite certain that the people she sees on the screen are actually behind the computer and has yet to be discouraged in her efforts to crawl through or around it to get to them ;-)

Finally, here are a few snapshots of our dear girl.  Enjoy!


Beautiful blue eyes


Starting her young on Lewis, of course


Reading with Aunt Charlotte




Pasta and Peas!


Looking at pictures of Daddy


Helping Mommy plan the garden


Cuddles (much needed after being rescued from under the chair)


Contemplating Life while wearing the cutest shirt ever ;-)

9 Months!

Little One is nine months old!  As we approach the end of this first year, she is becoming more and more a Little Person and less an baby.


Updates:  Susanna has two teeth!  I never realized how hard it was or how long it took to grow teeth: five months.  Wow.  The little pearls are pretty adorable, so I think they were worth the wait ;-)  She is also “cruising” now, as they call it, and I think walking is not too far away.  She is certainly a busy little bee; she has decided that the “barricades” I have set up to give her a safe play area are actually challenges to her ingenuity and oh the ways she has figured out to escape–including crawling commando style under our couch.  She loves to pull out all her books and toys and play gleefully in the little nest of her treasures.  And she talks now.  “Real” words, like dada, mama, and baba, plus plenty of babbling that she clearly intends as conversation. She is quite the chatter box, even practicing different voices and laughs.  No matter what kind of day we are having, I still melt when she says one of our names.  My favorite moment was during a string of snow days we had in February which blessed us with lots of extra time with Matthew; Susanna had just started talking, and she took to patting him and announcing “Da-da” repeatedly. Precious.

Favorite Things: Here are ten of Susanna’s favorite things, recorded for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

1. Playing with Daddy.



2. Eating



3. Reading Books



4. Chewing on EVERYTHING


5. Having Deep Conversations with Stuffed Animals


6. Watching the Great, Big World, Especially on Windy Days


7. Going for Walks in the Great, Big World


8. Looking Cute while Plotting Escape Plans



9.  Making Funny Faces



10. Being Curious



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